Every & All was born in prayer before Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist. I asked the Lord, "Jesus, what are you asking of me?"

And Jesus Christ told me:


 "Go Build a wall around my kingdom. Walls are meant to protect evil from getting in. Go Build a wall of Identity that is impenetrable. Set my church on fire. I am not giving you a nation, that's too small, I am giving you the whole world. My whole kingdom. Set it ablaze and take this risk, my son, it is time. Everything you have written is of me. I have more. Remember, the first step is your team. You haven't had a team because you didn’t know where you were going. Now you know. You need a radical team that is full-time and going to figure this out with you. You may choose Every & All for the name. There is no need to wait. Go, listen, and be faithful. I want you to start a missionary organization, beginning with your own people and your own home, and from this abundance, go out. Revive my church."


"Lord, I am ecstatic about your will! I trust you Jesus! Lord, give me the who." 


It is an honor to share this call of the great commission with you. Thank you for reading our story, thank you for your prayers, and I pray that Jesus radically transforms your heart with a new experience of His love today. The revival starts now with both you and me!

-Braxton Callen

Founder and Executive Director